Friday, 30 October 2009

MickleSlate’s Moray Mince v The Pink Panthers

Unfortunately I didn't organize a hack for this one and I wasn't around either. At this point, I should say that if anyone would like to have a go at writing for this blog, then they should get in touch. It's a great way to make use of an English degree...

Scores for today's game were:

MickleSlate’s Moray Mince 1 v 6 The Pink Panthers

MickleSlate’s Moray Mince 4 v 3 The Pink Panthers

Scorers were:

Ben Hathaway 5; Andy Humphries 3; Adam Micklethwaite 2; Sian Findlay; Robbie Cooke; Niall Slater; Ben Woolhead

This means that the PPs are still rooted to the bottom, but it won't be for long if Humphries and Hathaway maintain this kind of scoring record. The Mince return to the top, albeit for what is only a temporary period.

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